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Hosted Automatic Key Exchange

The most complicated and costly aspect of email encryption is key management. To eliminate the customers’ need to build their own directory of encryption keys, Zix has developed the world’s largest, centralized repository for automatic key exchange — ZixDirectory. With the ZixDirectory, customers confidently communicate with their community of customers and partners by sending secure emails to anyone, anywhere.

The ZixDirectory automated key management reduces the typical cost and complexity associated with email encryption solutions and saves wasted hours spent setting up and exchanging keys. The ZixDirectory also safeguards against expired keys and certificates by providing centralized distribution among all members.

The ZixDirectory includes tens of millions of members and increases at approximately 100,000 members per week. Housed in the ZixData Center, the ZixDirectory has the power to manage the encryption keys for every email address in the world.

By becoming a Zix customer, you are automatically enrolled in the ZixDirectory. You benefit from transparent email encryption with other Zix users and send-to-anyone capability through the Zix Best Method of Delivery.

A Conventional Approach to Email Encryption The Next Generation from Zix
conventional approach to email zixdirectory improved approach to email management


  • Secure email communication with your community of customers and partners
  • Access to the world’s largest email encryption directory
  • Trusted by the nation’s most influential institutions, including federal and state banking regulators and several departments of the U.S. Treasury
  • Centralized and automated key exchange
  • No key repository or Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to install or maintain
  • Reduced cost and improved ease-of-use for the organization


  • Transparent email encryption between Zix® users
  • Capacity, scalability and infrastructure to support encryption keys for every email address in the world
  • Public key validation and distribution in real-time for each message
  • 99.99% availability guaranteed through service level agreements (SLAs)