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Zix DataCenter
Portal for all Zix Encryption Services

The ZixData Center ensures transparent delivery of encrypted emails between Zix users and hosts the world's largest email encryption key repository directory — ZixDirectory. In addition to hosting tens of millions of ZixDirectory members, ZixPort branded portals are housed in the ZixData Center for all customers, ensuring security and availability for email communication.

The ZixData Center is SysTrust/SOC3 certified and SOC2 accredited. The facility is staffed 24 hours a day with operations personnel constantly monitoring the facilities, networks, systems and applications. Zix prides itself on maintaining the highest levels of performance for the ZixData Center, and it has 99.999% availability that is guaranteed to customers through our service level agreements (SLAs).

zix data center has the capacity, scalability and infrastructure to support encryption keys for every email address in the world.


  • Centralized key management for all customers
  • High availability of customer branded portals
  • Reduced customer cost and maintenance associated with accredited and secure facility, hosted key management and 99.99% availability


  • Redundant electrical feeds from independent utility power grids
  • Dual uninterruptible power supplies
  • Back-up diesel generator
  • Redundantly configured power distribution units
  • High Availability IP Connectivity Architecture
  • Redundantly configured optical connections
  • Supported by a $50 million infrastructure
  • Proven 99.99% reliability