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Policy-based Email Encryption

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ZixGateway is a policy-based email encryption appliance that delivers simple, secure management of Zix® Email Encryption Services. Sitting on the edge of your network, ZixGateway inspects all outbound email to ensure they adhere to your chosen policies. With full content scanning of the subject line, message body and attachments, ZixGateway can encrypt, route, block or brand outbound email based on corporate policies. It automatically ensures compliance for email communication without requiring special training or procedures for employees.

Who uses Zix’s Email Encryption Service?

ZixGateway’s Best Method of Delivery™ Diagram

Best Method of Delivery


  • Send secure email to anyone
  • Email compliance with federal and state regulations
  • Quick deployment in less than a day
  • No training for end-users
  • Transparent delivery for senders and receivers
  • Guaranteed secure replies
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure and systems
  • Visibility into encrypted email data for improved compliance


  • Content-aware policy management
  • Automatic retrieval and distribution of encryption keys
  • Full content scanning of subject line, message and attachments
  • Innovative dashboard with instant access to more than 25 reports
  • TLS policy support and reporting
  • S/MIME and OpenPGP support
  • LDAP integration
  • FIPS 140-2 cryptographic engine

Automated key management:

ZixGateway automates the most complicated and costly aspect of email encryption – key management. With ZixGateway, all key management is handled through ZixDirectory® , the world’s largest public key repository with tens of millions of members. ZixDirectory also safeguards against expired keys and certificates by providing centralized distribution among all members.

The Only Fully Transparent Delivery

Just as ZixGateway automatically scans email, it also automatically determines the most efficient way to securely deliver messages using the Zix Best Method of DeliverySM. Through the Best Method of Delivery, ZixGateway delivers encrypted email to anyone, anywhere and often transparently.

ZixGateway offers the industry’s only bidirectional transparent email encryption, enabling senders and recipients to exchange encrypted email without any extra steps. When a ZixGateway customer sends encrypted email to another ZixGateway customer, the message and replies are delivered securely and transparently, so that not even a password is needed. On average, more than one-third of our customers’ recipients receive their encrypted email messages transparently.

Superior Support for TLS

ZixGateway is unique in its support for TLS in several ways. ZixGateway simplifies the set up of TLS configurations by making it a part of the email encryption policies. This makes enabling TLS as easy as selecting it as one of the delivery methods. By including TLS in the policy, compliance and security officers also have increased control of and visibility into how sensitive data is delivered.

Recipients who support the appropriate level of TLS, receive secure email transparently, further enhancing ease of use. No matter the recipient, ZixGateway ensures all replies are encrypted - a guarantee not delivered in standard TLS solutions.

Flexible Delivery

For recipients who do not have email encryption capabilities, ZixGateway offers two different delivery methods – ZixPort® and ZixDirect™. ZixPort is a pull technology that provides a secure portal for delivering sensitive information to customers and partners. It can be branded and integrated into your corporate portal. ZixDirect is a push technology that delivers encrypted email directly to user inboxes. All of these options combine to create the Zix Best Method of Delivery, which automatically determines the most secure and transparent method of sending your message.

State-of-the-Art Reporting Dashboard

ZixGateway also offers superior visibility for compliance and security officers through a customizable reporting dashboard. With more than 25 different reports, the dashboard provides instant access to information about outbound and inbound message data, including what policies were triggered, what delivery method was used, number of blocked messages, and top senders and receivers.


Download the ZixGateway Datasheet (PDF).

Download the ZixGateway Inbound Datasheet (PDF).