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Secure File Share
Large File Share | Advanced Message Control | E-signature | Secure File Transfer

Share large files without taxing infrastructure

Files are growing larger, but email provider limits are staying the same—most, around 25MB. Without a simple system that permits employees to share files easily, you encourage what Economists call deadweight loss—employees find unsecure workarounds, and everyone loses.

Secure File Share Hero

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Secure File Share is an essential part of Secure Cloud

giving you options to bolster Security, achieve Compliance, and move forward.

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  • Helps meet regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, GLBA, E-SIGN, and more
  • Bolster customer trust with encryption and branding
  • Save time configuring to the business’ needs with simple management and support
  • Full tracking visibility and rights management of messages
  • Send multiple large files simultaneously

Customer Ecosystem:

  • 90,000+ customers from large enterprise to small business
  • Companies with Microsoft 365,On-prem Exchange, and G-Suite
  • All federal financial institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) regulators
  • U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • 30% of U.S. banks
  • 1,200+ U.S. hospitals
  • 30+ Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) plans

How it works?

Secure File Sharing makes it simple for users to send large attachments electronically—up to 100GB in size—securely. Plus, you can recall files, enforce rights management, and append legally binding e-signatures. The future of work will only include more sharing. Limit your liability now and train employees to use simple, sanctioned systems, creating more efficiency with better solutions and less effort.

As an integral part of Secure Cloud, Secure File Sharing works seamlessly with Zix’s other Security, Compliance, and Productivity services in our Secure Suite. Together, they form a fully integrated platform that allows partners and customers to create a secure, modern workplace.

how it works

Send large files (100 GB) - through Outlook or Secure Portal

Full tracking visibility - with rights management of messages

Request a legally-binding electronic signature within the document

Why Secure File Sharing?

  • No infrastructure investment, simple integration into existing mailbox and other communications channels

  • Avoid loss of productivity associated with recipient’s inbox size restrictions

  • Centrally controlled, cloud-based solution that works with your current infrastructure and process

  • Allows easy file sharing that still meets compliance requirements

  • Simple to manage and support with Secure Cloud

  • Backed by Award-Winning Phenomenal Care Support



  • Secure transmission and indefinite storage
  • Share directly from Outlook or through a browser-based web portal
  • Share any file type up to 100GB in size
  • Control forwarding, reply, viewing time, and recall restrictions
  • Legally binding e-signature designer and configuration
  • Supports QR code verification
  • No charge for recipient users, only full licenses
  • Only pay for Professional users; Guest users are free

Secure Cloud

Unleash your teams to become more productive, secure, and compliant in a complex, digital world.

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