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Information Archiving
Automatically archive all digital communications

Accessible unified archiving.

Provides secure message retention, making compliance and eDiscovery easier for you and your team.

Email Encryption Hero

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Archiving is an essential part of Secure Cloud

helping you solve the challenges associated with Compliance.

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Why Zix stands out

Unified Archiving

Automatically archive all digital communications from more than 50 electronic communication tools indefinitely.

Streamlined Communication

Employees send and receive hundreds of messages a day. Leverage policy controls to limit which messages get archived and for how long.

Increase Efficiency

Minimize third-party eDiscovery bills with built in message relevance classification to power rapid early case assessment, investigation and management.


Capable of Archiving 50+ Sources, now including Microsoft Teams

Our Information Archiving service is robust, offering unlimited storage for business communications from IM/collaboration tools, social media, and much more.

Policy-based Retention

With Zix, you determine how long messages are archived based on global or user-specific retention policies.

4 min.
Policy based retention

Archive Migration-as-a-Service

Archive Migration-as-a-Service

Data migration included with your archiving service, a game changer in the archiving industry.

On-Demand Access

With cloud-based communications archiving, you control who views your message data and when. Once audits and legal holds are complete, easily revoke access.

On-Demand Access

Simple Search

Simple Search

Identify the right messages and set the precise parameters with advanced capabilities.

Additional Features

Unlimited Retention

Unlimited Retention

Keep messages as long as needed and even transfer your old data for safe storage.

Social Media Compliance

Social Media Compliance

Maintain compliance by archiving more than 50 electronic communication tools, including social media.

Easy-to-share Technology

Easy-to-share Technology

Skip hard drives and enable cloud access for users when needed.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Combine archiving with protection features to serve as a backup email server for the unexpected.

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