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Frequently Asked Questions:

I need email encryption that meets HIPAA, SOX, GLB, or my State Requirements. Does Zix have a solution for me?

Yes, all of the Zix Encryption products can be used to meet federal and state requirements. We have experts on staff who can help you find the right solution for your unique environment. For more information, call one of our compliance specialists.

How secure is Zix Encryption?

Zix uses AES 256 encryption, which is the standard used by the federal government, as a MINIMUM. In some cases, the encryption standard will be even higher.

What will my recipients see when I send an encrypted message?

The exact user experience will vary depending on whether they are already a Zix customer, whether they are using any Zix software or hardware, and how their desktop system is configured. However, most users will receive an email notification from the sender (you), stating they have received an encrypted message, and to follow a link to view it. After a short verification, they will view the message in their browser, download any attachments, and have the opportunity to send an encrypted reply.

What's the difference between policy-based encryption and voluntary encryption? Which one is better?

Policy based encryption uses compliance filters to scan messages and attachments for sensitive information like PHI, Credit Cards, Social Security numbers, etc. This is an automatic, customizable process that ensures compliance with Federal and State law. For most customers, this will be the preferred method for meeting compliance requirements. Voluntary encryption is a desktop-based alternative where the sender manually selects the messages for encryption on a per-message basis. For smaller customers who rarely and predictably send sensitive information, this is a simple method for encrypting email.

I'm interested in the Encryption Bundles, but the phrase "3 Year Non-Cancellable Agreement" makes me cringe. Do you have one year bundles? What the heck does non-cancellable mean?

Yes, we have 1 year options as well. Instead of charging customers all 3 years up front like some other vendors, Zix lets you spread the payments out annually. Non-cancellable just means that you have purchased all 3 years of service, but you are agreeing to pay in installments. If you'd like to just pay it all up front, we'll be happy to provide you with a discount.

How long are messages stored at the ZixMessage Center?

By default, these messages are stored for 14 days. With the addition of the ZixPort custom portal, customers may extend or shorten this window.

What if someone leaves my company, and I hire someone new. Do I have to buy an additional license of ZixMail?

No, you are free to add and remove users as your company changes, as long as the total number of users stays the same.

What if I need to add users as I go?

No problem, we can co-term new licenses with your existing licenses. Contact us for a quote

I'm a manager, and I'm uncomfortable with allowing my employees to send messages that I can't open. What if I need to open an encrypted message that one of my employees has sent?

Zix offers a Corporate Key, which will open any message that was encrypted using your corporate account. This is an essential component for customers who may face eDiscovery or litigation, or simply have a high turnover due to the nature of their business.

I just ordered ZixMail. How long will it take for me to get my license? What are you going to send me?

You should see an order acknowledgement email immediately. If you haven't please contact us to make sure that your order went through. Next, we'll send you a copy of your receipt. It will take 24-48 hours for Zix to set up your account. When this is complete, we will send you an activation email with instructions for downloading and installing the software.

Why does my download link say "Trial" software? I thought I paid for the real thing!

Don't worry, you did. The trial software link is just a convenient way for us to provide you with the software. The software goes from "Trial" to "Full" when we submit your activation information to Zix.

I'm using Hotmail, Gmail, or another web-based email system. I don't have Outlook. Will ZixMail still work?

Yes, Zix provides a stand-alone desktop version of the ZixMail software that will work with most web-based email systems.

What is Hosted Email Encryption? Should I be considering this?

For many customers, Hosted Email encryption offers a low-cost, policy-based encryption solution that is hassle-free. For customers with specific compliance requirements from HIPPA, SOX, GLB or State mandates, this is a turn-key compliance solution. If you use a desktop-based email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) or you have a mail server on-premise, this is probably the solution you should be considering.

I'm just looking at ZixMail. Do I need to change my MX Record?


I am completely lost with this whole encryption thing. I don't understand email, and I need help. Do you provide any consulting for novices like me?

Of course, we can handle everything. We have compliance experts, IT engineers, and support staff at your disposal. Our compliance consulting rates are $75 per hour, and our IT consulting rates are $150 per hour. We can even perform remote installations or on-site visits, whatever you need to make this a simple process. Contact us any time.

To have a sales representative contact you by telephone, please Send us an Email Message with your name, telephone number and the best time to call.

Can I use email encryption on a Mac or another non-Windows device?

While ZixMail can only be used on the Windows Operating System (Windows 8, 7, XP or Vista), users of Mac®, iPhone®, and other non-Windows devices have a couple of options for sending encrypted emails with Zix. Licensed users can use the Secure Message Center to compose and read secure messages. The Secure Message Center will expire messages typically after 14 days. This means if you're wanting to reference these emails later, you'll need to back them up to your local machine as you get them. An advantage of using the Secure Message Center for your secure messages, is the ability to access your messages on a mobile device. Since the Secure Message Center already has the messages decrypted, any device with an internet connection and a browser can access them, as long as you know the correct login information.

If you were using ZixMail or ZixMail for Outlook on Windows and have recently migrated to another device or operating system, Zix can remove your existing ZixMail signature. This will allow your encrypted emails to be delivered via the Secure Message Center. No additional purchase or licensing is required.

If you were using ZixMail on Windows, and have an active signature, we will need to deactivate your current signature key. You will be able to send and open encrypted emails on the Secure Message Center after the deactivation process and, you will still be able to open older emails that were encrypted with the older, now deactivated, Zix Signature.

If you are just starting with Zix, this is not a problem. However, if you're migrating to a Mac and have had our desktop service for a while, it is recommended that you decrypt and back up your Zix messages that you have already received.