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Discover how OpenText's solutions, powered by Zix technology, can address your specific business needs and industry challenges. Whether you're looking to simplify Microsoft purchases, secure your workplace, protect communications, comply with regulations, or boost productivity, we have tailored solutions to support your goal

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How layered cybersecurity can be simple and smart

How layered cybersecurity can be simple and smart” reveals ways to protect against increasing cyber attacks.

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Building cyber resilience for SMBs with layered security

Building cyber resilience with layered security” explains the measures needed to thrive in an evolving threat environment

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By Need:

Microsoft Made Simple.

(Coming Soon)

Microsoft's New Commerce Experience is available and creates a simplified purchasing experience while optimizing costs.

Microsoft Made Simple

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By Industry:

Financial Services

Advise, protect, grow.

With Zix, you are protected against financial data loss, so you can focus on building strong customer relationships.

Financial Services

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