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Securely Manage And Share Your Content With Zixarchive
Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 05:31:10 PM

Gone are the days when business communications occurred strictly via email. Today, important messaging might be transmitted across business-specific tools such as Slack or even via more casual apps like Facebook Messenger. Regardless of the medium used, companies are on the hook to maintain compliance across all channels of communication. It sounds like a difficult proposition, but ZixArchive is here to help.

ZixArchive is a powerful cloud-based tool for securely archiving communications, allowing for easy eDiscovery while ensuring full legal and regulatory compliance. In addition, the tool archives far more than just email. In fact, as new communication channels arise, we will expand the scope of our solution to include the tools our customers need. Slack, Workfront, Yammer, and Salesforce Chatter are some of the current IM platforms we support, and Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business are coming this year.


No matter what channel your business uses, ZixArchive comes with a robust set of features to help you manage your content. With the ability to classify data proactively and reactively, you can give in-house HR or legal teams the ability to survey content based on custom filters.

All data stored in ZixArchive is in an indexed table, complete with metadata, for fast and easy searching. And all data is stored on non-volatile memory express SSDs, making our search and storage technology Ferrari fast.

Indexed content is distilled into intuitive search categories, such as date ranges, keywords, or individual senders and recipients. In the past 15 years, weíve refined our architecture to the point where we can pore through terabytes of email in seconds, either casting a very wide net or fishing on an extremely precise line.

Many users in compliance phases are required to conduct regular audits, especially in the financial services industry. Maybe regulations dictate they must survey 1% of employee emails or 1% that contain certain words or phrases. With ZixArchive, we have a sampling feature so you can quickly and effectively perform these types of audits.

For outbound communications, you could use the search function to make sure sales reps arenít using profanity. On the inbound side, you can search for communications from disgruntled customers and make sure managers are notified whenever these are received. These workflows sound complicated, but ZixArchive makes them easy.


Managing your content is important, but itís also vital to be able to share it. For traditional content management systems, secure sharing has always been somewhat of a nightmare. Sending potentially hundreds of gigabytes of data to third parties such as legal teams or auditors used to require downloading it to a hard drive, encrypting it, and then mailing it via FedEx or UPS to the destination.

Once you send data outside your environment, you have no control over how it is treated, and you might have to repeat the process each time the search criteria that produced the data is revised. Using a cloud storage service such as Box or Dropbox sounds like a good option, but it will almost certainly violate compliance standards.

Zix offers a way around expensive and time-consuming workloads because once the content is tagged or classified, it can be easily shared with other team members via Zix SimplyShare, a free tool that allows your team to share specific sets of data, regardless of size, with both internal and external parties.

At their core, ZixArchive and SimplyShare are about flexibility. Maybe you donít want to store communications from one user group, but you want to store the messages of another group indefinitely. To complicate matters further, thereís a third group whose data you must retain for five years. When you partner with Zix, these parameters are easy to implement. Set it and forget it.

Current Zix customers will be familiar with our legendary deployment team and our gold-standard customer support. These same groups are ensuring that your experience with ZixArchive is exactly what youíve come to expect from our team.

There are always concerns around storing sensitive data, but ZixArchive is designed to make sure data is an asset instead of a liability. Our solution is the most seamless way to collect and securely store data, and it gives our clients the peace of mind they deserve for staying on the right side of constantly changing regulations.

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